About Breeze Spa
The tug of the moon. The ebb and flow of a gentle tide. Time doesn’t slow down, you do.

It is our wish at The Wakaya Club & Spa to create a deeply restorative experience that sends you home imbued with a taste of serenity that is purely Fijian and uniquely Wakayan.

Your time on Wakaya should be a seamless experience, culminating in a heightened sense of well-being. The Wakaya Club & Spa is a retreat for mind, body and soul — an exclusive pristine island hideaway. This is a totally natural environment where every breath is clean and clear, every bite fresh and organic, every whim fulfilled.

Breeze is a couple’s spa replete with a body-temperature salt water, water shiatsu/plunge pool, overlooking an azure lagoon. Breeze has been designed especially with you in mind, as the ultimate venue for restorative pampering. We offer the most sensational massages ever, utilizing a hybrid Shiatsu/Swedish technique.

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“It is an increasingly rare kind of place that recharges one’s soul.”
— Ethan Gordon, Fathoms Magazine
6:11 am
Saturday, April 19th