Our Story


Wakaya is a 2,200 acre organically certified private island with nutrient-rich volcanic soil in the Fiji archipelago. Pure, proprietary superfoods of rare organic ginger, powerful organic turmeric, virgin coconut oil, kosher sea salt, soothing kava, and more. 
Wakaya’s geographical isolation, far from the tumult and pollution of the mainland allows us to maintain the purity of our products. Here all of our products are grown in volcanic soil created by thousands of years of natural erosion of the volcanic rock. Irrigated only with Fiji’s rain water, no pesticides ever used, and harvested by hand; producing the highest quality products on earth.
Wakaya Perfection products are sustainably cultivated, beautifully packaged, and provide a perfect way to feel better naturally. There is no other place like our Fijian farm, and no other ingredients or collection of organic wellness products like ones from Wakaya.

We never source our products from anywhere we don't own or know completely, and always maintain the integrity of our products with full disclosure from seed to shelf. No fillers or binders are ever used, no shortcuts taken, nothing artificial - only 100% pure all natural and powerful ingredients just as nature intended! Our products are not genetically modified, they are not preserved artificially, they are not polluted, they are not bad for you in any way at all! Wakaya Perfection products are not like anything else.