Purity is not A luxury, It’s a necessity.

You can rest easy when you choose Wakaya Perfection. You may have heard of studies that showed alarmingly high levels of arsenic, cadmium, and lead in many spice brands from Costco, Walmart, and even Whole Foods. But Wakaya Perfection’s purity is unmatched. The secret is in our virgin, volcanic soil. It’s never been exposed to chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers and the topsoil has never been artificially replenished. We irrigate only with pure rainwater — no contaminated pipe detritus or reclaimed water ever touches our small batch superfood crops. And we conduct rigorous testing to ensure we meet our own pristine standards.

Make turmeric part of your anti-inflammation team.

Turmeric’s bright yellow curcumin helps fight inflammation, lessen pain, lower risks of heart disease, fight free radicals, help fight depression, help prevent cancer and even improve your memory, according to recent studies. And because it’s a delicious ingredient in so many dishes and warm beverages like Golden Lattes, it’s easy to add it to your lineup.

The beauty of ginger and Omega-3.

You probably know a diet rich in Omega-3 can help lower triglycerides, lower blood pressure, and raise levels of good cholesterol. But the fatty acids can also lower inflammation and improve insulin resistance. And when you add ginger to the equation, you have a delicious solution that can also help lower blood sugar. Ginger may also help lower bad cholesterol and reduce triglycerides. It’s all thanks to the benefits of gingerol, the potent active ingredient from the ginger root.


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